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Renewing Care Neck and Décolleté

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This evening I want to look dazzling and show off a fabulous decollete. But where do I begin… Open your eyes and read the following lines carefully for a stunning result:

01 Operation gentle exfoliation

This key action removes dead skin cells, smooths the skin and guarantees an ultra soft silky-smooth skin effect. I choose an ultra-gentle facial scrub that is not harsh to the skin such as VEGETAL EXFOLIANT or MARINE SCRUB and I apply it in small circular movements, from breasts to chin. I do not forget the final boost with a spray of cold water, ideal for quickly toning and firming the tissues at breakneck speed.

02Highly effective youth infusion for an ultra-sensitive area

The skin of the decollete area requires special attention because it is more fragile than that of the face. Poorer in sebaceous glands and extremely fine, it one of the early victims of the first signs of dehydration and aging. To show off an ultra-smooth and even décolleté I use as much as I like of DÉCOLLETÉ PARFAIT Neck and Décolleté Renewing Care.

03Never miss out on the sunscreen

When the first rays of sun appear, I dive straight for SPF 30 sun protection: SUNACTIVE Protective Sunscreen Dark Spots - Signs of Aging SPF30 and I protect my décolleté area from early wrinkles and dark spots caused by repeated sun exposure. I pay great attention to my décolleté area, which like my face, is first in line to falling victim to the signs of aging.

And if I really want to be top of the class, I apply SUN SENENITY Renewing Tan Enhancing Fluid after the summer to renew my skin exposed to UV rays.