I deal with cellulite dimpling during the day.
Orange peel skin had better watch out!


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Celluli Attack

Concentrate for Stubborn Areas

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HELP! I want to wipe out my cellulite, airbrush my orange peel skin and smooth my dimples. NO PANIC, I am not the only one affected by this: Cellulite affects 90% of women, regardless of their body size! I pluck up courage and I start some basic work on this cellulite that is responsible for all my woes.

01 I launch an attack

I get out the "out with cellulite" heavy artillery and I develop an irrefutable plan to combat cellulite, dimpling and stubborn fat.
I chose the new anatomic bomb from PHYTOMER: CELLULI ATTACK Concentrate for Stubborn areas, the intensive targeted treatment for stubborn areas I immediately convert to this liquid concentrate with very high skin absorption that instantly infuses my skin with its super-powerful contouring ingredients. No more constraints and endless massages! For me, only smooth and ultra soft skin.
In 1 month, cellulite, orange peel skin and stubborn fat are half as visible*
* Self-evaluation carried out by 56 female consumers – average value, evaluation of the improvement in the appearance of the skin, twice daily application for 28 days.

02 I maintain it!

I act directly at the source: on the slimming genes. I undertake basic corrective work to act on orange peel skin and dimpling and preventive work to maintain smooth skin.
I reach for the ultimate in high tech contouring: ACTI-GENE CONTOUR Cellulite-Reducing Bi-gel. Goal: reprogram my body against cellulite.

03 I massage! For thorough people

I optimize the results of my contouring massage cream with a cellulite killer at home.
For each area, I use the right anti-cellulite movements:

  • On the thighs, I perform a rolling and wringing massage by gently rolling my skin between my thumb and forefinger, from top to bottom, bottom to top, and diagonally
  • On the abdomen, I massage with circular movements and then I carry out a smoothing motion by placing hands on waist and bringing them forward, pressing hard
  • On the buttocks, I make circular movements, then upward smoothing motions and I finish off with little pinches.

04 I get a massage! For lazy people

I trust my beautician to dislodge my cellulite. I make an appointment for the SCULPT ZONE Intensive Treatment for Abdomen-Buttocks-Thighs the irrefutable solution for dealing with excess curves and cellulite. Curves and cellulite are trapped in record time:

  • Express Treatment: excess curves reduced in 3 days*
  • Intensive Program: cellulite and inches reduced in 2 weeks*

* Centimeter measurements, scoring and satisfaction recorded on 19 women who received 3 treatments in 3 days and 4 treatments in 2 weeks.