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My 100% SUN program for an incredible tan.


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01 To get an even and glowing tan, there is nothing like good preparation! Yes indeed, my skin will thus be even more receptive to the sun.

1/ I EXFOLIATE to remove little dead cells and thus get a more harmonious and glowing tan. I do not forget the essential moisturizing step after each exfoliation. TONING BODY SCRUB with Marine Salt Crystals and VEGETAL EXFOLIANT with Natural Enzymes

2/ I EAT for a "healthy glow" by favoring foods rich in beta-carotene. I thus go for lots of carrots, apricots, melons, mangoes, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, etc.

3/ I BOOST with dietary supplements to start a few weeks before exposure. They will boost my tan, prepare my skin and also extend my beautiful golden color after the holidays. I also use a tan preparation product that will activate the development of melanin for faster tanning and better prepared skin.

02 The essential step: protection! Most of all, I never expose myself without a suitable sun cream

I am not afraid of tanning less by applying a cream because it does not prevent me from getting an attractive caramel complexion. On the contrary, I will protect my skin while showing off a deep and lasting tan!

To limit aging induced by UV rays, I protect my skin with a cream that combines a high protection factor and strong antioxidant protection: SUNACTIVE Protective Sunscreen Dark Spots - Signs of Aging SPF30
If I want to slim down on my deckchair, it's possible to do so with this contouring cream that contains contouring ingredients: SUN SILHOUETTE Refining Protective Emulsion SPF 15

For a long lasting tan, I expose myself gradually. The first three days I apply a cream with a high sun protection factor then I gradually decrease it, according to my skin type. Of course, I frequently repeat the application (at least every 2 hours and after each swim) and I try not to expose myself during the hottest hours of sunshine. I do not forget my trendy accessories: sunglasses and panama hat to provide more protection to my face.

03 After tanning comes comforting. I gently pamper my skin for a long lasting tan

> Every evening, after a thorough shower to remove traces of salt, chlorine and sunscreen products, I re-moisturize my thirsty skin. So I spread moisturizing and nourishing after-sun cream all over my body and I use a thick layer on any areas that feel hot. I apply a mask to my face for a fresh and attractive tan. I continue to moisturize my skin every day, even when I get back from my vacation!
SUN SOOTHER After-Sun Milk – Face and body
HYDRASEA Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask

> I prolong my tan to make my colleagues jealous using a suitable product. Thanks to this my skin is repaired and my tan is deep and long lasting. SUN SERENITY Restoring Tan Enhancing Fluid – Face and Sensitive areas
And when my tan starts to fade, I add a dab of self-tanner to my moisturizer to wake up my complexion. SUN RADIANCE Self-Tanning Cream – Face and body