A beautiful golden skin, a natural glowing tan: YES
Orange skin: NO THANKS


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01 Having a healthy glow all year round without orange streaks is possible, believe me!

Gone forever are the bad memories of orange skin, stained following an application of self-tanner. With their new formulas and proper application, you now get a natural-looking glowing tan!

  • But how do they work?

Self tanners contain DHA or dihydroxyacetone. When the DHA comes into contact with the air and the skin, it reacts with keratins on the surface of the stratum corneum, that is to say, the dead cells. This reaction, known as the "Maillard reaction", causes coloration of the skin. The depth of color varies with the frequency of application and the concentration of DHA in the self tanner.

02 You simply need to follow the 6 commandments of self-tanning to the T

1/ The day before, exfoliate your whole body and face paying particular attention to rough areas such as knees and elbows. An essential step for getting an even result on
ultra-smooth skin.

2/ The essential step after exfoliation is moisturizing! Do not skimp on the amount and wrap yourself in a soft cream, rich in moisturizing agents. For your face, use a mask that you should leave on for between 5 and 10 minutes
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3/ It is now time to get started! On clean, dry skin, start with the lower body and progressively move up to your arms, using circular movements. A small amount per area is sufficient; do not empty half your tube on the 1st application and remember to spread the product properly without omitting any part of your body. Do the same for the face starting from the center outwards, without forgetting your neck, the back of your neck and your ears to avoid a mask effect.
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4/ Watch out for areas at risk! Equip yourself with a dry tissue to reduce excess product on your knees, elbows, eyebrows and hairline.

5/ Last but not least, if you want everyone to think you have just returned from a week in the Seychelles: wash your hands! Wash them twice focusing on your nails. You can then apply a little self tanner on the backs of hands using a cotton pad to obtain a natural result.

6/ Wait at least a quarter of an hour before getting dressed if you do not want to spoil this fine work and avoid light or tight clothing that could get stained. Do not drift off to sleep just afterwards either, as pillow marks on the cheek is really not a good look!

03 And now here are a few tips to optimize the application or save the day in case of a mess up:

  • Don't have time to wait the full time before getting dressed? Then turn on your hair dryer on medium heat and blow air over your body. In addition to drying the product, it avoids streaks and the color developing too quickly.
  • Stains have appeared: if you cannot wait three or four days for the natural exfoliation to have its effect, rub your skin with a washcloth or scrub. If there are only slight marks, try hydrogen peroxide that will allow you to erase a too dark area. A drop of self tanner will do to blend in a small area that is too light.
  • Favor an application in the evening that will allow the tan to develop during the night.
  • To maintain your golden glow, reapply once or twice a week, carefully following all the steps.