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01 Put the odds on your side and adopt the WHITE LUMINATION program

Now it's possible to get perfect skin and look resplendent with products specially designed for you.

  • Indulge in Japanese style cleansing
Like the Japanese, brighten your complexion from the cleansing stage. Remove all impurities, pigments and residual pollution. Then smooth over and over again to encourage cell renewal. You will not believe it and neither will your skin.
  • Put a stroke of eraser on dark spots
You know all about dark spots; they spoil the evenness of the skin and dull its radiance! So use an eraser on the guilty party and immediately apply heavy artillery skin care that not only acts on existing spots but prevents the appearance of new spots.
YOUR BEST ALLY: Spot Targeting Brightening Serum
  • Increase your healthy glow potential every day
Boost your radiance and your moral as well with a moisturizing, protective and complexion enhancing cream.
YOUR BEST ALLY: Complexion Recovery Moisturizing Cream SPF15

02 And if you are impatient, boost your radiance in 1 minute flat!

Nothing like a good icy shock to restore a healthy glow and immediately give some color to cheeks!

  • Option 1 : I am a big tea drinker so I use my teabags. I put them in the fridge in the evening and every morning I put them over my eyes for 5 minutes. Zero puffiness goal achieved; guaranteed healthy glow effect!
  • Option 2 : I place a small metal spoon in the fridge. In the morning, I pass it quickly over the eye contour and facial contours. Enhanced radiance goal achieved!
  • Option 3 : I want to boost my radiance instantly but I do not have the patience. I take a cold can from the fridge and I pass it over my face. Guaranteed decongestant effect!

03 And most importantly, I avoid 3 actions that dull radiance

  • 1/ Cleansing with vegetable soap
    Under the pretext of stripping the skin, removing dead cells and the dull veil on the surface of my skin. Caution danger: you will destroy the skin's hydrolipidic film which will take 24 hours to restore itself!
  • 2/ Daily scrub
    Caution, it is not because I scrub my skin 7 times a week that my radiance is 7 times stronger! I only irritate it and stimulate the sebaceous glands to cause skin blemishes.
  • 3/ Ultra-rich cream
    I do not enhance the radiance of my skin, I spoil it. Favor moisturizing melt-on-the-skin textures, your skin just needs a quenching cream!

04 And for the more courageous, I opt for a facial gymnastics session when I wake up

  • Option 1, I only have a few minutes:
    Start by upward smoothing movements from the neck to the cheeks and then forehead. Then move back down again towards the nose and smooth the skin of the cheeks towards the ears. Finish off with palm presses, from the top moving downwards. Goal: evacuation of toxins and my dull complexion
  • Option 2, I have tons of time:
    Start by applying the cream to the face in upward motions. Pat your face with your fingertips, paying particular attention to your forehead. Finish off with Jacquet pinching: small twists of the skin between the thumb and forefinger finger. Goal: boost microcirculation, rosy cheeks guaranteed