Night cream, day cream, why choose?
Tonight, I am going to have sweet dreams and my skin is too!


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01 Yet another cream, but I already have a day cream! Is it really necessary?

  • YES if you want to look good when you wake up.
  • BECAUSE it is at night that cell regeneration is most active. While you sleep, your body recovers from damage that has occurred during the day and so does your skin.
  • PBECAUSE now is the time to act to completely regenerate your skin and give a boost to the cells that are depleted during the day.

YOUR AWAKENING will be even more enjoyable, and your reflection in the mirror too.

Sweet dreams with NIGHT RECHARGE Youth Enhancing Cream and HYDRASEA NIGHT Plumping Rich Cream

02 Can I really not apply my day cream in the evening...

NO, NO and NO again!

The day cream is designed to protect the skin from external stress factors that are largely responsible for skin aging. The purpose of a night cream is to regenerate the skin and eliminate toxins and pollutants that have accumulated during the day as effectively as possible.

03 And for the least lazy, I am following the following tips to the letter:

  • 1/ Applying my night cream on my perfectly cleansed face using light circular movements until it is completely absorbed. And I do not forget to apply it to my neck.
  • 2/ Beginners' pitfalls to be avoided at all costs:
    • I never skip cleansing.
    • I do not confuse serums and night cream.
    • I stop staying up all night!
  • 3/ Regularity is now my watchword, I apply my night cream regularly to make it effective. You will indeed feel its benefits after a few weeks, the time required for your skin cells to renew themselves.