Quick, I need some air!
Breathe, and enjoy the benefits of a walk by the sea!


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Who has always dreamed of having a fresh and light complexion every day like after a walk by the sea? Me!

01 A few tips to regain this fresh complexion so synonymous with good health!

    I renew my skin by removing dead cells and the dull veil on the surface of my face. I choose a gentle scrub with small grains for the delight of my skin. MARINE SCRUB
    I free my skin from the pollutants responsible for my gray complexion and my 1st wrinkles. I oxygenate my skin to make it breathe, I restore vitality and radiance! First of all I plunge into a wave of freshness and infinite softness with SOUFFLE MARIN Cleansing Foaming Cream .Irrefutable for regaining a fresh complexion and healthy, perfectly oxygenated skin. Then I take a deep breath of fresh sea air with : the natural Detox treatment. SOUFFLE MARIN Energizing Oxygenating Serum
    Morning and evening, after applying my cream with light smoothing movements, I perform a series of small light pinching motions on my face with my thumb and forefinger. This promotes skin oxygenation. Once these actions are completed, I press hard on all areas of my face with my forefinger and then I release. These hard presses stimulate microcirculation, and give me rosy cheeks.

02 A wonderful sea break to treat myself to in the salon, whenever I want

No more gray complexion, away with asphyxiated and polluted skin; for me it's nothing but the beauty benefits and relaxation of a holiday by the sea. Without hesitation I choose Anti-pollution Skin Freshness Treatment CITYLIFE to oxygenate and depollute my skin.