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A 100% healthy look towards a photo-finish complexion (yes, please) !


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This season’s all about the natural look. Everyone wants a fresh and light, velvety-smooth complexion, like a petal. All eyes are on refreshing beauty and "dewy skin". From the catwalks to the magazines, to everyday life – nude, natural shades are what’s "it"

01 Let's take a look at French trends influenced by beauty from about the globe

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty, here's a refresher course on terms that describe our COMPLEXION :

  • Newcomers
  • BRIGHT : radiant, a complexion that glows from within
  • HEALTHY : healthy skin in great condition
  • NUDE : natural, beauty without flaw
  • DEWY : healthy glow effect, a complexion fresh like the morning dew
  • Essentials from Korea
  • BB : BLEMISH BALM or Anti-blemish primer
    BB cream is primarily a face primer that evens out, moisturizes, protects and brightens. Partly a "Makeup" product, it camouflages imperfections for a flawless complexion.
  • CC : COLOR CONTROL or Color Correction cream
    A true all-in-one multi-perfecting cream with multiple correction properties, CC cream is a treatment in its own right. It evens out complexion irregularities (dark spots, red patches) with a more sheer finish than the BB cream so skin texture shows through.

02 All fans of a NATURAL look for REFRESHING beauty

  • All eyes are on original freshness

From backstage at fashion shows to everyday life, natural beauty never ceases to make us dream... Our obsession is to show the freshest, healthiest, most radiant face ever.
No more hiding behind the camouflage of heavy make-up, a wax statue effect which removes any kind of expressiveness. Now it's all about glowing and transparent skin with a tight and even skin texture - effortlessly and without any noticeable faking.

  • Seeking eco-cosmetics

Beyond the result on the skin, the attraction to all things natural is also a new way of considering, expressing and assuming your beauty. Eco-friendly formulas that respect both the skin's eco-system and the environment are increasingly popular. So make way for eco-friendly ingredients that leave little environmental footprint. We now opt for respectful and sustainable products, well in line with our "green" commitments.

03 Implementing a 100% healthy and refreshing kind of beauty

To enhance the natural beauty of the skin, BELLE PEAU by PHYTOMER is a 3-step beauty routine :

1. EXFOLIATING DEAD CELLS with Resurfacing Peel .

No more dull and gray complexion; objective: instant radiance! It activates the microcirculation that creates a healthy glow.
Apply twice a week to wet skin. Leave on, then massage with circular movements for a maximum of 1 minute. Finish by rinsing with cold water for 100% invigorated skin.


Gives the elastic, plumped-up effect of healthy skin! 2 options available:


Pampering moisturizing for normal to dry skin: Thirst-Relief Melting Cream ,
Light moisturizing for normal to oily skin: Non-Oily Ultra-Moisturizing Fluid
Apply morning and evening.


Energizing moisturizing : Radiance Energizing Cream
Apply morning and evening.

Moisturizing flash : 12H Moisturizing Flash Gel
For busy women: apply alone or mix with foundation
For fans of layering: apply under cream
For customization: mix with cream or foundation

3. "CONTROLING THE COLOR" OF SKIN with CC CRÈME Skin Perfecting Cream SPF20

Adopting the CC gesture and creating perfect and completely flawless skin.
Apply CC multiple function cream every morning: super-moisturizing, pore refiner, radiance booster, unifying and protective. No need to match your shade as CC CRÈME has a 100% nude visual effect on skin with perfect sheer coverage. It helps fade little flaws and even out the complexion, but in an evanescent way to avoid a “plaster-like” effect. It's universal light shade suits all Caucasian skin tones.

04 Added bonus: 3 tricks to boost your complexion


Why? Because cell regeneration is at its maximum at 1 am, while at 3 pm the skin produces three times fewer cells. Because having beautiful, smooth, fresh and plump skin upon awakening begins with proper night time moisturizing.
How? By applying HYDRASEA NIGHT Plumping Rich Cream , the sleeping beauty cream that takes advantage of the sleep cycle to richly rehydrate the skin for a radiant and rested face upon awakening.


Why? Because there are special masks, specifically designed to give a boost to the complexion and reveal glowing skin in 10 minutes flat.
How? By applying WHITE LUMINATION Essential Minerals Brightening Mask , the radiance booster that fades dark spots and reveals an even-toned, radiant complexion.


Why? Because of a lack of time, sticking to your weekly BELLE MINE routine can become a challenge. After all, you deserve some pampering in the expert hands of true professionals.
How? By choosing from the PHYTOMER treatment menu and putting yourself in "pause" mode to take advantage of the unifying benefits of WHITE LUMINATION Beauty Treatment or the plumping benefits of HYDRA BLUE Beauty Treatment . Or the must-have PIONEER XMF TREATMENT that erases the signs of time and brightens the skin. In the end your face is relaxed and quite simply radiant.