In the firing line: POLLUTION
Objective: exterminate it!


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Omnipresent and invisible pollution is harsh on the skin. The alteration of our environment by micro-particles and exhaust gas has a direct impact on the health of our skin. The skin becomes dirty, suffocates and struggles to regenerate properly.

01 "RESET" skin with your eyes closed

Thus saturated with pollution, the skin tries to defend itself by producing more free radicals. But it is unable to renew itself quickly enough and the consequences are irrevocable. Dehydration is increased, decreasing cell life and slowing down in the production of collagen.

SOS EYES : The particularly fragile eye contour is the 1st to suffer. The eyes lose their sparkle, the skin becomes dry and wrinkles become noticeably deeper.
To restore the eyes' youth, PHYTOMER has developed a 360 degree skin care product : PIONNIÈRE XMF Reset Eye Fluid , a youth-saving weapon to "lift" the eyelids, reduce the marks of time and revive the sparkle of the eyes in just one week.

SOS GRAY COMPLEXION : Facial features become wrinkled and skin becomes dull looking. Thankfully, we have the pollution neutralizing treatment, SOUFFLE MARIN Energizing Oxygenating Serum loaded with anti-pollution marine ingredients to increase the skin's natural brightness tenfold and leave it looking as revitalized and toned as it should be.

SOS DEHYDRATION – FATIGUE – DARK SPOTS : The skin becomes dehydrated, dull and rough and shows the 1st signs of fatigue. To fight against negative effects of pollution, PHYTOMER has developed a shield cream with a reset effect: CITLYIFE Face and Eyes Sorbet Cream . Its goal: Sweep away toxic microparticles and repair skin damage caused by pollution. How? Thanks to its sorbet texture, in perfect affinity with the skin, and also to its pioneering anti-pollution formula composed of 3 biotech marine sugars and OLIGOMER ® .

02 Bring on the eco-friendly weapons

PHYTOMER depollutes and brightens the skin thanks to 2 very high level, high-tech, anti-pollution marine ingredients :

> Prominent biotech revolution with ALGORESET

Its objective: reset the characteristics of unpolluted skin.

At the forefront of green technology, this eco-friendly complex combines 2 complementary marine ingredients :

  • - Oligofurcellaran, a marine sugar obtained by an environmentally friendly extraction method which forms an anti-pollution shield on the surface of the skin and prevents dehydration.
  • - Blue Microalgae, grown in photo-bioreactors in PHYTOMER laboratories, with outstanding properties against the effects of pollution.

> Depollution in progress with ARMERIA MARITIMA

Its objective: detoxify the face and protect it against pollution and cigarette smoke.

This seashore plant, sprouting pink flowers is able to survive in abandoned industrial sites that are polluted with heavy metals, thanks to an exceptional ability to eliminate pollution contained in the soil.

03 Putting all the odds in our favor

> Operation anti-gray complexion, erasing all traces of pollution :

The miracle product : SOUFFLE MARIN Cleansing Foaming Cream
Its promise: cleanse and purify the skin while depolluting it to reveal healthy skin

> Sleep to be more beautiful, offering the skin complete cell regeneration :

By late afternoon, the cells are polluted, weakened and slower-functioning. They need effective cleansing to do their job better. On top of this we have stress, harsh external factors and aging that inevitably cause the cells to age.
The miracle product : NIGHT RECHARGE Youth Enhancing Cream
Its promise: completely regenerate the skin for visibly rested and rejuvenated skin upon awakening.

> Strict SPF protection

From the 1st rays of sunshine, any additional damage to the skin is avoided.
The miracle product : CC CRÈME Skin Perfecting Cream SPF20
It's multi-promise: refine skin texture, even out skin tone, increase natural brightness tenfold while blurring flaws and providing long-lasting moisturizing. Without forgetting its SPF20 protection and "nude effect" shade.

> I depollute my skin in salon

The miracle treatment: CITYLIFE Anti-Pollution Skin Freshness Treatment
Its promise: 60 minutes to depollute urban' skin and revive oxygen-deprived and dehydrated faces. Customizable for tired skin or uneven complexion,according to skin priorities.