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Often associated with suffering (deprivation, frustration, dieting and disappointment), weight loss has become an almost obsessive problem for most women. For fast and visible results, the combination of diet + sport + body care often requires a lot of effort and willpower. PHYTOMER once again makes slimming go hand in hand with pleasure.

01 A total transformation in the spa

Spotlight on MORPHO DESIGNER Perfect Contour Treatment : the new slimming combo that combines high-effectiveness and high-sensoriality.

MORPHO DESIGNER, a silhouette designer treatment, modernizes contouring and creates a new full beauty experience in 2 parts: a thorough exfoliation and a perfect contouring massage.

An added bonus, 3 high-level beauty performances: slimness, firmness, skin quality.

02 1 st part: a high-performance multi-exfoliation

To actively smooth the skin, this new treatment begins with a triple cosmetic "peel", without rinsing, thanks to Silky Multi-Exfoliant . Its light texture and enhancing finish combine 3 types of resurfacing agents, targeting each layer of the skin, for an entirely soft and safe action :

1- Chemical exfoliation with GLYCOLIC ACID: the AHA, very small in size, perfectly seeps into the skin and immediately triggers flaking.

2- Enzymatic exfoliation with PAPAIN: a natural benchmark ingredient, it breaks up the proteins of dead cells to accelerate their elimination.

3- Mechanical exfoliation using 2 MINERALS with complementary grain sizes: BLACK SAND and PUMICE STONE that ensure complete renovation of the skin .

A stunning result to both touch and sight; skin is ultra-smooth, velvety and infinitely soft. In 1 hour flat, your body takes on a whole new look: your silhouette seems refined and firmer, your skin looks gorgeous.

03 2 nd part: finely-tuned contouring massage

The skin, free of its dead cells, is ready for a streamlined contouring and firming massage, which includes 32 contouring movements alone, developed by PHYTOMER International Training Center in collaboration with its consultant osteopath. Shaping Contour Balm , thus comes into play to boost the effectiveness of the massage.

NOTICEABLE OBJECTIVE: Refine your silhouette and sculpt body contours, while delighting all your sensory receptors. This brand new,exclusive manual technique is based on a rhythmic alternation of pressure and stretching to obtain volume loss and complete reshaping of the body.

In 1 hour flat, the body takes on a whole new look: the silhouette seems refined and firmer and the skin looks gorgeous.

04 3 rd part: a transformation at home

Increase the effectiveness of the treatment received tenfold at home to get a new silhouette.


MORPHO DESIGNER Contouring Crystal Emulsion fully re-sculpts the body thanks to 3 simultaneous actions: Contouring + Firmness + Skin quality.


CELLULI ATTACK Concentrate for Stubborn Areas powerfully attacks "orange-peel skin" and cellulite dimpling located in critical areas.


TRÉSOR DES MERS Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream provides the skin with a forced moisturizing cure for suppler and softer skin, as if rejuvenated.


REMODÈLE Tonic Body Gel rises to the challenge of visibly firmer and plumper skin.