Advanced manual techniques

The exclusive massage techniques developed by our Training Centre in partnership with key advisors (osteopath, doctors etc) contribute to a heightened performance.

They are combined with expert products specifically developed for spas and salons; And cleverly put to work in novel treatments performed by some of the best therapists around the globe.

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Scientifically-proven performance
Visible results

ultra effective professional products

Extended Youth Facial Treatment

Resurfacing multi-exfoliant

A powerful mix of exfoliating active ingredients to resurface the face, erase the roughness and visibly smoothen the skin.

Hydra Blue Facial Treatment

Pure pore heating mask

A complete and depolluting cleansing, that uncloges the pores thanks to microscopic marine sponges that trap impurities and toxines.

Pioneer Signature Facial Treatment

VMR final skin refiner

This product is 100% marine biotech active ingredient. This remarkable facial top coat is applied at the end of the treatment, to enhance the radiance of the skin and to prolong its hydration.

Oligomer® Spa Signature Well-Being Treatment

Bi-Phase Massage Concentrate with Oligomer®

The novel blend of 2 phases
• an association of 2 marine oils to nourish and visibly restructure the epidermis
• a watery phase with OLIGOMER® to remineralize the skin and to provide an excellent glide, a perfect lightness and an exquisite comfort.

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